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Why do you get acne on your face?


Hi myself Dr. Amin Bayad. I write health and fitness related article in simple and easy way to understand. So without any waste of time today topic is most common problem in teenager is that acne. Here is the answer for the question of why do you get acne on your face?

Definition: - Acne is a disease of hair follicle which is inflamed and painful mainly found on face, chest and back.

It is most common disease of teenager during puberty because sebaceous gland is more active during puberty. You can say that when hormonal changes occur in our body
Types of acne: - Whiteheads, Blackheads, Pimples, Cyst and Nodule


There are lots of glands are present in our body. In which sebaceous gland are present in face. Sebaceous glands of face produce liquid called sebum. Sebum is vehicle for the dead skin through follicle to the surface of skin
If there is any blockage in hair follicle than skin cell, sebum and hair can clump together in to pug and this pug get inflamed with bacteria and pimple start to develop.


There are many factors that cause acne some are listed below.
1.      FOOD: - Food is one of the most common factors to develop acne. Such as an oily, spicy food(bread, chips etc.) and junk food are one of the factor for developing acne

Recent studied show that high-carbohydrate, milk, pure chocolate are aggravates acne.

2.      STRESS: - Stress is direct or indirect cause acne

3.      Hereditary: - If your parent was suffered from acne in sever form than your acne are more difficult to control.   

4.      Pressure: - Pressure from chin, strep, collar, helmet can aggravates acne

5.      Drug: - Due to some medication acne are difficult to cure , such drug as iodise, bromides, and such type of steroids

6.      Cosmetic: -  Such cosmetics who has list water base can aggravates acne

7.      Hormones: - During puberty hormone is increase. Androgen is one of the most common hormone that has directly effect on acne. Androgen is increase in boy and girls during puberty

Due to high concentration of androgen the sebaceous glands enlarge and can easily infected and produce pimple. Low amount of androgen can also aggravates acne




There are lots of products available for treatment of acne person use according to their skin type but they can reappear any time. So I give you some advice to control it by slightly alter your lifestyle.
1.      Never ever pick or squeeze pimple
2.      8 hours sound sleep
3.      Plenty of water
4.      3 healthy meal( please avoid oily and spicy food)
5.      Cleaning skin
Washing once or twice a day with cleanser keeps skin clean

Mild scrub: - Can be used with gentle massage. Most of the scrubs contain salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is peeling agent so they help to remove outer layer of skin, so they open skin pores.

6.      Antibiotics cleanser: - antibiotics cleanser is mainly form of gel, lotion, or cream.
Gel applied over affected part and kills the surface bacteria.
Warning : - Anti bacterial cleanser contain benzoyl peroxide can cause red scaly skin and irritation in some person so use with advice given by physician

So this is the answer for why do you get acne on your face. If you like my work please follow me and let me know in the comment. If you want online consultation for any disease gives comment on this page and I will respond you. Bye bye.  



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Sir Give me Homoeopathic treatment of Acne

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